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Stokvis Tapes offers effective and innovating self-adhesive solutions to optimize production and to respond to the growing demand for automation. Increase your effiency by using Stokvis Tapes in your entire production. Our tape solutions cover all possible applications in the 4 segments of the Paper & graphic industry.

Superior printing quality and perfect control of dot gain at high press speeds. We offer a comprehensive range of 4Flex foam products, mainly in the thicknesses of 400 and 550 micron and in 3 different grades of foam compressibility.

Our 4Print filmic plate mounting tapes are designed to assure top printing results and to meet the most demanding individual printing needs in flexible packaging, label and corrugated cardboard. We have a variety of products between 100 and 300 micron of thickness.

4Flex product overview
4Print product overview

Stokvis Tapes non-repulpable 4Splice range of products has been developed and compiled for the typical and high demanding different applications in Web processing segment like in the in extrusion coating, laminating, flexible packaging, aseptic packaging, silicone and barrier coating operations.

We do not only offer effective solutions for splicing, core starting and reel closure applications which already have a need for special developed tape solutions due the difficult low energy surfaces. We do as well produce customized laminates like PTFE-belts for those highly demanding applications we are faced with by extrusion or silicone coating companies or the plastic film producers.

Our wide range of products comprehends tapes like:
- Double sided splicing tapes for high demanding applications
- Double sided splicing tapes for low energy surfaces,even siliconised ones
- Single sided kraft paper splicing tapes for low energy surfaces
- Single sided Poliestertapes suitable for low energy surfaces as well
- PTFE tape range of products for antistick applications 

4Splice Non-Repulpable Products

With its 4Splice product range, Stokvis provides a large variety of repulpable and non-repulpable splicing and web repair tapes to meet the demands of the paper and board producing industry.

Use Stokvis Tapes for all your applications like web repair machine infeed, manual splices, core starting, reel closure and nonetheless and automatic splices at off-line coaters, supercalanders and sheet formers. When choosing Stokvis Tapes as your supplier you benefit from a large product range, reliable service and technical support.

4Splice Non-Repulpable Products
4Splice Repulpable Products

Stokvis Tapes meets the needs of the graphic industry by offering the best possible innovative adhesive solutions and a wide range of adhesive tapes, partly being part of thenon-repulpable 4Splice range of products. Not necessarily developed for these applications in the P&G segment you will find further convincing solutions in our total range of products for e.g. mounting of signs, lamination purposes and assembling exhibit display.

4Splice Non-Repulpable Products

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