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Internet agency Addvision

Wondering if we suit you? Our approach is personal and involved. You can always call us to account for honesty, dedication, knowledge of the internet and results!

The Internet changes a lot, often and quickly. Especially in these circumstances it is important to keep a grip on the internet. For us, grip on the internet is central, because it is indispensable to get higher. In practice that means for you:

  1. No worries:We know the risks of the internet and are happy to take care of it for you.
  2. Clarity:We like an honest story, so we are clear about numbers, pitfalls and opportunities.
  3. More results: We have one main goal: a growing result.
About us - CB achtergrond: Bos
About us - CB achtergrond: Bos


Your global partner. Experience matters. So does market strength and capitalization.

M&C is the North American brand of ITW’s global Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Components division – a Fortune 200 company. Alongside Stokvis, M&C offers unmatched access to global markets and proprietary and restricted materials from market leading suppliers, as well as inventory and warehousing capabilities our competitors simply cannot match.

We are your trusted manufacturing partners and through our network of proprietary materials from market leading suppliers, our warehouse network to support global production, and our extensive engineering and solutions teams to meet your product needs.

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