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Non Flying Tapes - Non Flying Tapes

Non Flying Tapes

Stokvis Tapes is the industry trusted partner for non-flying tapes that can be used for the construction or the maintenance of the aircraft.

Composite Bonding - We supply a full range of pressure sensitive solutions from honeycomb milling, part hold down, flash masking, mold release, and shipping tapes.

Flame Spray - The leader in masking tapes for the thermal spray industry. Stokvis Tapes 's high performance line of tape products ensures that the thermal spray (Plasma and HVOF) process remains productive and cost efficient in order to repair the parts to original, OEM, tolerances. The tapes are approved for use by Pratt Whitney, General Electric and Rolls Royce.

Paint & Strip/De-Paint - We are leader in chemical resistant and cured rubber masking tapes. Our foil tapes offer superior chemical resistivity, soft conformability, and clean removal. We also offer tapes that mask areas where various types of media blasting are the preferred way of de-painting.

Surface Protection - We have tapes for the protection of aircraft and parts in the aircraft.