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News - Climate neutral shipping of tapes in 2022

Climate neutral shipping of tapes in 2022

18-03-2022 | From now on, Stokvis Tapes will ship customer orders in a climate neutral manner in collaboration with DHL GoGreen. We are dealing with climate change and therefore Stokvis Tapes is changing too. By reducing and compensating for our CO2 emissions, for example.

News - Health monitoring with self-adhesive sensors

Health monitoring with self-adhesive sensors

07-04-2021 | What once started with the desire to track personal activities and sporting achievements has now become a new way of monitoring personal health. The use of wearable biosensors was already on the way up in recent years. The Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in lockdowns and restricted access to healthcare...

News - Careers


07-04-2021 | Vision, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit have solidified Stokvis Tapes role as a trusted manufacturer and partner for leading Fortune 500 companies. Today, Stokvis Tapes is part of ITW’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Components global division. Alongside Stokvis Tapes, M&C leverages the...

News - Wearable tech

Wearable tech

01-10-2020 | Looking for an adhesive solution for a wearable device? From concept phase through material selection, design, production, packaging and delivery; With our process development expertise, we support our customers in developing innovative and unique products. Read more...

News - Electronic lighting

Electronic lighting

01-10-2020 | Looking for a ventilation solution for lighting? Our StokVent products offer an excellent option for applications that must be sealed from liquid and particle ingress but still be able to vent to avoid condensation.